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Rotary District Conference 2020

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Assistant Director of the Hong Kong Observatory

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Mr Leung Wing Mo

Assistant Director of the Hong Kong Observatory

Mr Leung Wing Mo worked as a professional meteorologist for about 30 years.  He was the Assistant Director of the Hong Kong Observatory before his retirement in 2011.  He is known to public most affectionately as the first professional meteorologist to present TV weather programmes in Hong Kong in the 1980’s, as well as hosting in a science educational programme “MObservatory 武測天” of TVB, a local TV channel.

Norris Yang

Founder of ADR International Limited

Mr. Norris Yang has been practicing international commercial law in Canada and Hong Kong since 1980. He is a partner of Zhong Lun Law Firm, Hong Kong and founder of ADR International Limited (a provider of ADR services). He was educated in Hong Kong and Canada and has received mediation training from United States, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong.



Founder of ADR International Limited



Jeffrey LAM Kin-Fung

An Experienced Industrialist

Mr. Jeffrey Lam is an experienced 

industrialist and one of the first Hong

Kong investors to set up a factory in the mainland after the “Open Door Policy” in 1979. With over 40 years of experience in the industrial and commercial sector, Mr.Lam has been involved in areas such as 

investment, industrial production, business promotion and innovation and technology.

An Experienced Industrialist

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