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Rotary District Message

60 Years of Connecting

June 28

Hong Kong

Welcome to the official website of Rotary International District 3450’s 60th District Conference.This is a significant landmark in the history of this event as it is the diamond anniversary and it represents an important juncture for us all. As we look back on the past 60 years of achievements with great pride and fond memories, we must also look ahead to the challenges and opportunities which lie in front of us, especially in this very challenging times. We must never lose sight of our Rotary values and be constantly seeking opportunities to serve. This Rotary year, the global theme from Rotary International is ‘Rotary Connects the World’, and so we embrace this wholeheartedly as we celebrate ’60 Years of Connecting’.

Let's continue to connect, and stay strong together. That is what the District Conference is all about

DG Wilson



We would all agree that 2019-20 is a very special Rotary year! It also coincides with the 60th anniversary of the District Conference. I am reminded that it is a time when we wrap up the hard work we have done together, as the District Conference is the occasion for us to celebrate the work we have done, consider the lessons we have learned, and recognize the valuable contributions of many. It is also a time to prepare ourselves for the next Rotary year.

We have been able to collect photos and information from the past 6 decades of the District Conference to be shared in this website, a big thank you to the effort and generosity of many experienced and ‘senior’ Rotarians. With this wealth of photos, information and tools, you will be kept abreast with ‘360 information’ about the 60th District Conference.

I wish to stay tuned and be connected with you through this website as I encourage you to visit us daily to stay connected. 

We should meet in person at the 60th District Conference, 28th June, 2020!

PP Gabriel Li


The District Conference is one of the most important events in Rotary. It enables us to bring a close to this Rotary year, to celebrate and to review our progress and achievements. It is also an important time for us to be together, to enjoy good fellowship, learn from each other and be inspired by some internationally renowned leaders.

To commemorate the 60th anniversary, we have debuted this website, where you will find information on past District Conferences, allowing us to reminisce on the past 6 decades of serving with pride.  We can reflect on the cornerstones as laid down by many great Rotarians who have led us to serve in many different ways, and you can also catch up on the latest update information regarding District Conference activities.

Let us keep Connected here and in person as Rotary Connects the World!       

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